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Drought Song
I smell the earthbound rain settled in the dust
I smell the darkness, the musk
and the layer of ozone inside my nose.
I'm smart--I'll try to be brilliant.
They'll tell me I'm one but not the other
No, you're not built right for that.
I have my folded hands and false pockets
I have my bias and my education.
I have half a brain, two and a half souls.
I'll live inside my dreams live inside me
I'll dream in lives lived longer than trees
I'll trace the scars, blow a kiss to immortality.
I smell the ozone coating inside my nose.
I feel the California cold and the spring rain
Staves off the fires, gives us half a chance.
:iconpuckish-elf:Puckish-Elf 2 0
My favorite way to travel
is in a car with
the radio up
a headscarf on
and the windows all
The human mind is a
curious thing--
how we make ourselves
that we're okay
that we can fly
that all the world is
:iconpuckish-elf:Puckish-Elf 3 0
Mother's Day Card
Twenty-four hours when one mom
Is queen--
With presents, and laughter, and cake, and
Ice cream.
I fought and I struggled for something to
Write of,
But it's all very clear, cause the word is
:iconpuckish-elf:Puckish-Elf 2 0
Bragging Rights
The buzzing of insect's wings was only illusion.  The wings appeared to have substance, but they were only a manifestation of the soul's power--of the connection between human and spirit-beast.  They moved as a dragonfly's wings truly would, but they did not produce flight.  Aaron's magic did.
But the illusion was strong, watching Aaron and Ashari race through flight.  Her wings, constructs of ice though they seemed, resembled the wings of a bat, or a dragon--so, flap for flap, Aaron had her outnumbered ten to one.  And as they sped through the air side by side, it seemed that the frenetic twitter of the insect wings was the cause of Aaron outpacing his opponent.
Both of their bodies were protected by the monumental wind resistance by Spirit Shields; nonetheless, Ashari's growing curses were lost to the din.  The air roared around them as if in protest as the two fliers ripped through it.
Their companions stood on solid ground, watching the blue spe
:iconpuckish-elf:Puckish-Elf 3 0
These are my thoughts.
I'm allowed to complain
that you never loved me
here, within the sphere
inside my own head.
You can't tell me
I'm not good enough--
Because I'll no longer listen.
:iconpuckish-elf:Puckish-Elf 3 0
8-Ball Majyk: Alternate Prologue
It is a curious age, these days that lie before us.  There hasn't been this much upset in the ordering of things since the Great War of 1914, when the Dark Mages broke the Great Taboo and made themselves into weapons.  I have written many chronicles of the comings and goings of Asgard, and I have read many more.  I have an inkling that more change will come to pass, and soon, than we have already witnessed--and it will shake Fates of many.
If you are a visitor to the Library from outside this world, you may find it curious to hear the word Asgard.  There are many Asgards, not the least of which is the one belonging to Odin and his Children.  You may have heard of that one before this one, because those Asgardians make a habit of meddling in the affairs of other worlds.  In this Asgard, in the First World, we have plenty of our own affairs to attend to without needing to meddle in those of other worlds, thank you very much, and the Gods take care to
:iconpuckish-elf:Puckish-Elf 2 0
Grasping at Gold, ch. 3: Questions
“So, how do you feel about coffee?”
Zedekiah gave Mikkey a bland look.  She already knew the answer to that question.
“Ah, heh…”  The barista gave the blond a sheepish look, scrubbing a hand through the poof that her early-morning curls had become.  “Right.  Amnesia.  No experience.  Well.  Thankfully, you’re about to get the experience of first-rate French press.  Brace yourself.”
Ten minutes and a flurry of flitting around the kitchen later, the two sat at the kitchen bar, a mug of steaming French press in front of each of them, along with a bowl of instant apple-cinnamon oatmeal and a banana for each.
They ate in silence as the late morning sun played with the dust motes floating about the living room.  Mikkey was hungry, and Zedekiah was just silent.  His ID sat on the countertop between their two bowls.  Mikkey stole glances it and Zedekiah’s face in turns.  The
:iconpuckish-elf:Puckish-Elf 2 6
Grasping at Gold, ch. 2: Haven
Her lips quirked, chestnut eyes narrowed in a flat stare.  She flipped the ID card over one knuckle, over the next, and then snatched it between her thumb and forefinger.
“So you didn’t even bother to check your own wallet?”
He failed to meet her stare, his dark-eyed gaze drifting sideways and down to the floor.
“How long has it been since you lost your memories?”
“…counting today?”
“One day.”
Mikkey winced and puffed out a sigh.  “Well, alright, that explains a lot.”  She managed to look embarrassed, but not exactly apologetic.  “So your driver’s license says your name is Zedekiah Rhett.  Ring any bells?”
She received a blank stare in return for the gift of a name.
“I’m guessing that’s a no, then.”
Another blank look.
“And I’m guessing you don’t remember how you got the shit beat out of you? 
:iconpuckish-elf:Puckish-Elf 2 0
What Dreams May Come
“To sleep--perchance to dream:  ay, there's the rub,
For in that sleep of death what dreams may come
When we have shuffled off this mortal coil,
Must give us pause.”
                --Hamlet, Act III, scene 1
The darkness was absolute.  There was no earth, though he could feel something solid beneath his feet.  There was no sky.  There was no light, no Light, whatsoever, or else his cat’s eyes would have caught it and refracted it twentyfold.
Darkness didn’t work that way.  It flashed through Van’s mind that he might be dreaming, but the notion flew from his mind the moment he heard that voice behind him.
Pale and stricken, mouth open and trembling, Vanitas turned.  He could see him lit up as if by slanted rays of the afternoon sun--though only his figure was lit, not the air around him.
Van’s mouth opened and closed, lik
:iconpuckish-elf:Puckish-Elf 4 0
Grasping at Gold, ch. 1: Thursday Luck
Nothing good ever happens on a Thursday.  First, there was the traffic; then, the parking.  Anywhere in Orange County at 5 o’clock, these were two nearly impossible tasks.  Getting a swing shift anywhere, even a coffee house, meant trying to drive and park during rush hour.  Mikayla ended up having to park three blocks away, catty-corner from Parkview Perks, and when her shift ended at 10, she had to walk those three blocks in the dark.  After having a typical Thursday at work—shitty—she did not have the patience to do it.  And so, deep in the throes of her muttering and frustration and against her better judgment, Mikayla took a shortcut through an alley to get to her car.  She regretted it the instant she saw the two men leaning against the wall of the alley, cigarettes in hand.  When they spotted her, the one with the sweat-stained off-white bandana elbowed the one in the faux leather jacket with a tear up one s
:iconpuckish-elf:Puckish-Elf 4 4
that deplorable title
I am the crippled girl
Hobble to the doctor’s
Wait for the x-ray results
Wait to see how bad the damage
Is on my bones, the holes—
Holes in my bones.
Parking placard for the crippled girl.
I am the crippled girl
Seven blood tests a day
Six injections a day—
Wait to see how long my eyes
Kidneys, fingers, toes, brain
Will last before the diagnosis is
“Diabetic complications.”
I am the crippled girl
Sitting at a computer screen
Watching the cursor blink
Trying to organize the thoughts
Buzzing TV static in my head
A cacophony of white noise, crippling
Heart pounds, labored breathing, tears.
I am the crippled girl
Who never gets out of bed
The why-bother and the no-one-cares
The you’re-a-failure and just-die
Take control of my limbs until
Making it to the car is the hardest thing
Crippled girl who breaks her own heart.
I am the crippled girl
My Creator made me this way
My loving God who has plans for all
I don’t hate him for it, cause there’s
:iconpuckish-elf:Puckish-Elf 2 0
She Has (Teeth)
People say I have an accent.
Where that comes from, I don't know--
And I wonder how I sound to ears that aren't mine.
When I speak, my mouth is full of cotton, but
It's because my mouth has too many teeth.
And yeah, it's painful, and they say I need surgery--
They also say it makes my face ugly, makes me damaged,
Which is funny, cause,
I'm here wondering--
What if I was made to kill?
These teeth are here to bite, gnaw, tear at flesh--
God made me a predator, a pack animal, a wolf!
I'm bombarded, I'm saturated; every day they say,
Be--be skinny, be beautiful, be perfect--
But what if I'm perfect the way I am?!
There's a hundred million voices that want to silence me--
But my WORDS are the GNASHING of TEETH
And there is Fire and Light and POWER in my lungs--!
And I was MADE to KILL!
There are thoughts that kill me every day--
"ugly," "fat," "too old; too young," "not good enough,"
And I was made to MURDER them--
To lunge inside the tangle of darknes
:iconpuckish-elf:Puckish-Elf 3 0
I feel the memoirs buliding up
bouncing around, ping-pong cracks
on the inside of my skull--
Anecdotes and spouted wisdoms
desperately trying to cover
the louder, the better
Whip the hair like a dancer
Dislodge the thoughts like
Raindrops rolling down each
Thin, fragile strand
Whip the head till the face is red
:iconpuckish-elf:Puckish-Elf 7 2
Versus Verses
Exquisite lines of color bleeding
Tearing muscled heart's a'beating.
Withered stalks of white alone
Blued in silence, must atone.
Sixteen selves alive with fire
Flotsam, jetsam; rancor, ire.
Ignited in a foolish chase--
Die in silence.  Fall from grace.
:iconpuckish-elf:Puckish-Elf 3 0
Misguided Mind
It's easy to be wrong.
Get all worked up inside your head,
because the mind rushes to
fill the void.
The buzzing of your thoughts is better than
the silence.
But don't be dumb enough
To sit on it--
Cause otherwise the buzzing
Is all you hear,
All you know,
And it wraps around your soul and
convinces you
That there is no other truth.
Tell people when you're hurting.
Cause if you speak once
the buzzing takes hold,
The words spill out in venom
Leaking from wounds that you
created yourself.
Don't let the buzzing rule you,
nor the silence.
Don't flip on music and seek
Affirmation in the voices.
Those songs weren't meant for you.
Don't try to believe they're telling you
that it's alright.
It's not, and you know it.
You made the tear.
Silence the mind and the wail of the soul.
Don't wait--
And don't burden.
Sweep up the pieces of your heart
Cause you're the one who broke it.
You know where each one goes.
You were wrong.
Apologize; mend the tear.
And don't let the weight o
:iconpuckish-elf:Puckish-Elf 4 0
Yo I ain't a NorCal, I'm from down on south
But I pop off Hella when I open my mouth;
Sorry Daddy, know ya hate it, but I just think
That the Hella's hella dank, hella hella hella dank.
Don't know about rims, got hubcabs jussa same
Don't care if people think my lil' Blueberry's lame
Rotors whirring churning wrigglin' all up in the back
I lead-foot the gas to pick up the slack.
I'm no genius, not a poet; I just got a pen
And I'm drivin' little Blueberry, rememberin' when
Before I got the school (LONG BEACH!) sticker slapped on the back
Had depression and anxiety all takin' a crack--
At my ego, at my self, all my merits and talents
Sayin' I ain't good enough--unstable, unbalanced--
All those messed-up voices, caught up in my head
Till I didn't give a damn if I was ancient or dead--
Had a hellova time turnin' those tables around;
I bounced up to the sky after hittin' the ground.
Words of wisdom on my bumper from a Muppet who sighed,
:iconpuckish-elf:Puckish-Elf 2 0

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Journal History

Too sick to sleep, so I decided to do a dumb little thing while I wait for the anti-inflammatories to kick in.

Mercutio Nakano
Favorite Colors: Red, black
Favorite Food: Cereal
Favorite Dessert: Cookies
Favorite Beverage: Beer
Favorite Music: Hard Rock
Favorite Weather: Mildly warm (80 degrees Fahrenheit) and sunny 
Favorite Places: His home with Jo and An, the Effington Borough (East Titansburg)
Favorite Person: Jocasta Nakano
Favorite Pastimes: Fighting, taking out scumbags, cuddling with his wife, having those rare meaningful conversations with his daughter, eating, drinking, smoking

Lysander Nakano
Favorite Colors: Blue, green
Favorite Food: Toro (fatty tuna sushi)
Favorite Dessert: Apple pie
Favorite Beverage: Tie between citrus soda and green tea
Favorite Music: Listens to everything from Tibetan meditation bowls to improvised jazz, but his secret favorite is mellow rock
Favorite Weather: Mild (75 degrees Fahrenheit)
Favorite Places: the Zen garden in lower Central Titansburg, anywhere where his family is
Favorite Person: Mercutio Nakano, though he'll never admit to it
Favorite Pastimes: Meditation, training himself, training Van, visiting the Zen garden, reading Sci-Fi novels

Dr. Donovan "Donny" Walsh
Favorite Colors: Purple, white
Favorite Food: Cinnamon-sugar toast
Favorite Dessert: Cupcakes
Favorite Beverage: Fruit smoothies
Favorite Music: Techla (techno + Tesla.  It's Electronica music in a world run by Tesla power.)
Favorite Weather: Cool (60 degrees Fahrenheit) just after a rain
Favorite Places: His lab, his sister's lab, his airship the Ophelia, anywhere where his daughter is
Favorite Person: Ophelia "Lilly" Walsh
Favorite Pastimes: SCIENCE, experiments, building things, collecting raw materials for his experiments, flying around in his airship, spending time with his daughter, SCIENCE with his daughter, reading, researching

Kouki Nakano
Favorite Colors: Orange, purple
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Dessert: Ice cream
Favorite Beverage: Cola
Favorite Music: Everything.  Literally everything.
Favorite Weather: IT WAS A DARK AND STORMY seriously, he loves thunderstorms.  They inspire him to write.
Favorite Places: His writing desk, anywhere where his family is
Favorite Person: Mako Nakano
Favorite Pastimes: Spending time with his son, spending time with all his family together, writing, reading, collecting comic books (he's been collecting since he was a kid and that's not likely to stop), listening to records, TORMENTING HIS OLDER SIBLINGS (some things never get old)

Donovan "Van" Nakano
Favorite Colors: Indigo, blue
Favorite Food: Absolutely everything.  Bring it on.
Favorite Dessert: Cake frosting (it's like crack.  don't let him have any.  ever.  seriously.)
Favorite Beverage: Water
Favorite Music: No opinions
Favorite Weather: Mild (75 degrees Fahrenheit) and sunny
Favorite Places: His Sensei's training gym, Antigone's couch
Favorite Person: Tie between Antigone Nakano and Lysander Nakano
Favorite Pastimes: Training, training, training...spending time with An, learning new things from An and his "cousins"

Mako Nakano
Favorite Colors: Orange, red
Favorite Food: Hamachi (yellowtail tuna sushi)
Favorite Dessert: Cake
Favorite Beverage: Orange soda
Favorite Music: Tie between rock and Techla
Favorite Weather: Mildly cool (65 degrees Fahrenheit)
Favorite Places: Anywhere in the countryside beyond the city noise, anywhere where his family is, anywhere where his dad is FAR away from his mom
Favorite Person: Kouki Nakano
Favorite Pastimes: Spending time with his dad, hanging around with his cousins, playing with Lilly's enormous fluffy dog, teaching Van stuff about life and pop culture, eating sweets, listening to records
  • Listening to: Of Monsters and Men - Crystals
  • Watching: TMNT 2003
  • Drinking: Dragonmarsh Irish Breakfast black tea


Kensi Kane
United States
A writer by both choice and chance, but not by trade. I'm not published, but I can no sooner stop writing than stop breathing. Most of my writing these days happens in roleplays, however--you can find me on tumblr, most likely.

I'm also a maker of jewelry, and THAT is more of a Trade thing. As in, I have a business license and sell the things, heh. Puckish-designs on deviantART is where you'll find all my handcrafted shinies.

My bio photo is an old one, but I look very much the same. I'm a diminutive wordsmith caught in time. The particular words I choose may change, and sometimes so does my subject matter, but I'm still living, still learning, still writing, and those aren't any more likely to change than my appearance.



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