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Too sick to sleep, so I decided to do a dumb little thing while I wait for the anti-inflammatories to kick in.

Mercutio Nakano
Favorite Colors: Red, black
Favorite Food: Cereal
Favorite Dessert: Cookies
Favorite Beverage: Beer
Favorite Music: Hard Rock
Favorite Weather: Mildly warm (80 degrees Fahrenheit) and sunny 
Favorite Places: His home with Jo and An, the Effington Borough (East Titansburg)
Favorite Person: Jocasta Nakano
Favorite Pastimes: Fighting, taking out scumbags, cuddling with his wife, having those rare meaningful conversations with his daughter, eating, drinking, smoking

Lysander Nakano
Favorite Colors: Blue, green
Favorite Food: Toro (fatty tuna sushi)
Favorite Dessert: Apple pie
Favorite Beverage: Tie between citrus soda and green tea
Favorite Music: Listens to everything from Tibetan meditation bowls to improvised jazz, but his secret favorite is mellow rock
Favorite Weather: Mild (75 degrees Fahrenheit)
Favorite Places: the Zen garden in lower Central Titansburg, anywhere where his family is
Favorite Person: Mercutio Nakano, though he'll never admit to it
Favorite Pastimes: Meditation, training himself, training Van, visiting the Zen garden, reading Sci-Fi novels

Dr. Donovan "Donny" Walsh
Favorite Colors: Purple, white
Favorite Food: Cinnamon-sugar toast
Favorite Dessert: Cupcakes
Favorite Beverage: Fruit smoothies
Favorite Music: Techla (techno + Tesla.  It's Electronica music in a world run by Tesla power.)
Favorite Weather: Cool (60 degrees Fahrenheit) just after a rain
Favorite Places: His lab, his sister's lab, his airship the Ophelia, anywhere where his daughter is
Favorite Person: Ophelia "Lilly" Walsh
Favorite Pastimes: SCIENCE, experiments, building things, collecting raw materials for his experiments, flying around in his airship, spending time with his daughter, SCIENCE with his daughter, reading, researching

Kouki Nakano
Favorite Colors: Orange, purple
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Dessert: Ice cream
Favorite Beverage: Cola
Favorite Music: Everything.  Literally everything.
Favorite Weather: IT WAS A DARK AND STORMY seriously, he loves thunderstorms.  They inspire him to write.
Favorite Places: His writing desk, anywhere where his family is
Favorite Person: Mako Nakano
Favorite Pastimes: Spending time with his son, spending time with all his family together, writing, reading, collecting comic books (he's been collecting since he was a kid and that's not likely to stop), listening to records, TORMENTING HIS OLDER SIBLINGS (some things never get old)

Donovan "Van" Nakano
Favorite Colors: Indigo, blue
Favorite Food: Absolutely everything.  Bring it on.
Favorite Dessert: Cake frosting (it's like crack.  don't let him have any.  ever.  seriously.)
Favorite Beverage: Water
Favorite Music: No opinions
Favorite Weather: Mild (75 degrees Fahrenheit) and sunny
Favorite Places: His Sensei's training gym, Antigone's couch
Favorite Person: Tie between Antigone Nakano and Lysander Nakano
Favorite Pastimes: Training, training, training...spending time with An, learning new things from An and his "cousins"

Mako Nakano
Favorite Colors: Orange, red
Favorite Food: Hamachi (yellowtail tuna sushi)
Favorite Dessert: Cake
Favorite Beverage: Orange soda
Favorite Music: Tie between rock and Techla
Favorite Weather: Mildly cool (65 degrees Fahrenheit)
Favorite Places: Anywhere in the countryside beyond the city noise, anywhere where his family is, anywhere where his dad is FAR away from his mom
Favorite Person: Kouki Nakano
Favorite Pastimes: Spending time with his dad, hanging around with his cousins, playing with Lilly's enormous fluffy dog, teaching Van stuff about life and pop culture, eating sweets, listening to records
  • Listening to: Of Monsters and Men - Crystals
  • Watching: TMNT 2003
  • Drinking: Dragonmarsh Irish Breakfast black tea


Kensi Kane
United States
A writer by both choice and chance, but not by trade. I'm not published, but I can no sooner stop writing than stop breathing. Most of my writing these days happens in roleplays, however--you can find me on tumblr, most likely.

I'm also a maker of jewelry, and THAT is more of a Trade thing. As in, I have a business license and sell the things, heh. Puckish-designs on deviantART is where you'll find all my handcrafted shinies.

My bio photo is an old one, but I look very much the same. I'm a diminutive wordsmith caught in time. The particular words I choose may change, and sometimes so does my subject matter, but I'm still living, still learning, still writing, and those aren't any more likely to change than my appearance.



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